TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of Other languages) with international validity, certificate that allows you to teach English in Turkey and anywhere in the world. In our country, the Ministry of National Education is recognized by the Ministry of National Education of the people holding this certificate; Primary schools, secondary schools, language schools, colleges, private schools are appointed. In addition, TESOL certificate holders, private educational institutions; can also work in private schools, classrooms, foreign language courses, private kindergartens and study centers. It is also an advantage for those who want to work as an English teacher at private universities.

To obtain TESOL Certificate: It is sufficient that your English is at least B1 level and you have at least a Front Linens Diploma regardless of departmental differences.

The duration of the training is 150 hours, ranging from 2 months to 6 months (depending on the intensity of the training).

TESOL is an important internationally recognized certificate. With this certificate you will have the opportunity to work as an English teacher in any country in the world. This certificate, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages, indicates that you can study English anywhere in the world. In other words, you can continue your career as an English teacher in many countries with different languages. TESOL is a certificate recognized by the Ministry of National Education in our country. Persons holding this certificate can be assigned to language schools by the Ministry of National Education. It is also possible to assign TESOL certificate to colleges and private schools. The ones who have TESOL certificate are seen by the Ministry of National Education as an expert instructor.


• Where can people with TESOL Certificate Work?

Those who have TESOL certificate have job opportunities in many different fields. First of all, people with this certificate can easily work in language schools in all countries which native language is English. There is also the possibility to work in countries which native language is not English. In these countries, there are opportunities to work in different institutions as an English teacher. You can have this certificate to work as an English teacher abroad and you can continue your work abroad. TESOL is also a working document for those who want to study English in universities. By having this certificate, you can have a large number of jobs both in many countries and in our country.

• Who Can Have TESOL Certificate?

There are some things you need to get a TESOL certificate. If you want to have this document first, you must have a B1 level of English. So you need to be able to speak English fluently. Those who do not speak English cannot easily have this document. However, you must also have at least two years of associate degree. If you meet these two requirements, you can participate in TESOL programs and have this certificate.

• I have TESOL certificate. Can I apply for a work permit with this certificate?

TESOL certificate ensures that those who wish to provide English education have a work permit in both our country and in other countries. At the same time, you do not have to graduate from departments or courses such as interpreting and teaching English to get this certificate. Thus, the TESOL certificate stands out as a very advantageous and functional document.

• Where can I get TESOL Certificate?

TESOL certificate can only be obtained from the institutions which have accreditation conformity acceptance. If you receive a non-accredited case, the certificate is invalid. The British Institute is an accredited institution.

• How Long Do TESOL Certificate Programs Last?

The duration of TESOL programs may vary. These programs may be in the form of associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or 150 hours of training modules in accredited educational institutions.

• How long does it take to complete TESOL Certificate Programs?

Although the training period is 150 hours, if you are determined and practice studies and assignments; it is possible to complete 3 or 4 weeks of training and hard working. Subsequent assignments After the review of the UK accredited institution, you are entitled to receive the certificate.

• Are training and assignments difficult?

No, you will not be forced if your level of English is B1 or higher. Our guidance counselors, as the British Institute already help you.

• Do you provide internship opportunities?

Yes, we are preparing training programs for all our students to do internship for private and group lessons. There is no extra fee for the internship.

• How do I get my TESOL Certificate?

After the completion of the training and assignments, you will complete the training. After the training, the certificate prepared for you is approved from the UK and will be forwarded to our educational institution. In our institution, the signed certificate will be delivered to you.

• Do you provide employment?

When starting or after the training process, you can include a guarantee of work in the training package and find work as an English teacher by our institution. But it is limited to periodic and limited quotas.

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    Attention ! In many countries, many non-accredited organizations and schools offer TESOL / TEFL courses. Please be carefull.

    Please be careful when investing in yourself and do not register for a course that is not accredited (reliable and competent).

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